Sustainable business models 

Mobile operators can provide governments and public agencies with essential big data analytics and AI solutions and address a myriad of societal issues. Mobile Operators can deliver valuable insights that can help to address pressing policy challenges, such as climate change and pollution, the need for better healthcare and transport, and sustainable development, while also responding effectively to extreme weather, natural disasters and epidemics.

Several mobile operators have already ventured into providing AI capabilities to third parties, including governments and various commercial organisations, on a commercial basis. These operators may offer AI as a platform or utilise it to process mobile network data, thereby generating analytics that can be instrumental for entities such as traffic planning authorities, energy providers and other commercial organisations.

To truly enhance public services and address significant societal and environmental challenges, mobile operators must transition from a responsive and philanthropic approach to one of preparedness and economic viability. Establishing a fair business model that leverages big data analytics and AI solutions is paramount to unlocking true value and fortifying investment in necessary innovation. This shift ensures not only the mitigation of current issues but also the strategic management of future challenges.