AI has the potential to truly change the world, and this represents not only an opportunity but also a risk. As the adoption of AI accelerates, organisations and governments around the world are considering how best to harness this technology for the benefit of people and planet. It is vital therefore, that AI is designed, developed and deployed ethically.

“Whatever the technological tool, no matter how sophisticated it may be, our first question should always be ‘how are we improving people’s lives with our services?’. I often refer to AI as “augmented intelligence” - it should not replace but complement human intelligence, and improve our decision-making capabilities in solving the pressing problems of our planet and humanity.” Kaan Terzioglu, VEON Group CEO

Our journey started with defining AI ethical principles and continued with The AI Ethics Playbook, created by a group of MNOs together with the GSMA. Designed as a comprehensive guide, the AI Ethics Playbook helps organisations ethically implement AI systems into everyday activities. It explains how AI systems should be designed, developed and deployed in accordance with the following principles - fairness, human agency and oversight, privacy and security, safety and robustness, transparency and explainability, accountability – and with full consideration of the potential environmental impact. Beyond principles, this resource provides insights into how organisational structures can promote responsible practices, and suggests a range of tools and training resources.

Intended as a useful toolbox, the AI Ethics Playbook was created to support not only the mobile industry but also any other industry verticals or organisations seeking to implement responsible AI principles into everyday activities.

The journey has since been enriched by a series of follow-up activities, including numerous exchanges across mobile operators and the Annual AI Industry Forum, all of which have not only tested initial concepts but have also laid the groundwork for future initiatives.

As we continue to expand understanding and insights, we invite everyone to stay engaged with the ongoing updates. For those keen to dive deeper and contribute to the evolving pool of knowledge, we encourage reaching out to us to be a part of future knowledge sharing sessions. This journey is one of collaborative growth, and your participation and insights are invaluable in shaping the direction of the responsible AI.

“Telefónica’s commitment to ethics and integrity is key in our transformation process.” José María Álvarez-Pallete, Telefónica, Chairman & CEO