Mobile Insights for a Better Future:  ‘Unlocking Big Data Solutions in support of the SDGs’

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The AI for Impact Opportunity

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The mobile industry is harnessing big data analytics to help governments and global agencies tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time: infectious diseases, natural and man-made disasters, environmental degradation, and climate change.

In a humanitarian crisis, timely information is crucial. To respond effectively and efficiently to the spread of infectious diseases, pollution, earthquakes and other disasters, governments and humanitarian agencies need to know where the impacted people are, and how the environment is changing. Mobile operators are able to develop analytical tools and decision support solutions that leverage mobile big data and other contextual data to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their response, decision making and planning capabilities.

Through the GSMA, mobile operators and global agencies are working together to establish a common framework to sustainably scale mobile big data solutions, whilst respecting and protecting individuals’ privacy.

This toolkit presents this shared knowledge in a series of modules covering the Ecosystem, Technical Considerations, Policy and Regulation, Sustainable Business Models and the ways in which these can be applied to achieve scale. Accompanying these modules are a series of case studies about ‘real world’ applications that demonstrate the exciting potential of mobile big data analytics and its application for social good.

Toolkit Sections

  • Realising Scale
  • The Ecosystem
  • Technical Considerations
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Sustainable Business Models
  • Case Study Portfolio
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusions