The AI for Impact Initiative

In 2017, through the GSMA, mobile operators and their partners across geographies came together to drive the application of mobile big data for social good. The resulting AI for Impact initiative has brought together public and private sector organisations to work together as collaborative stakeholders.

The primary objective of the AI for Impact initiative is to scale and accelerate the opportunity for mobile big data analytics to help Governments, public agencies and NGOs address a wide range of environmental, social and governance challenges.

Through the AI for Impact Programme, the GSMA shares experiences and promotes best practices among key stakeholders by:

  • Establishing a common framework (consistent and replicable across geographies, operators and use cases) to accelerate the adoption of mobile big data solutions and drive progress towards the SDGs; whilst respecting and protecting individuals’ privacy
  • Validating the approach through local initiatives that show how analytics derived from aggregated, anonymised mobile network data can add value to decision makers
  • Raising awareness of the range of applications of mobile data analytics, and the opportunities for adopting data-driven decision support systems
AI for Impact Initiative 2021

Click here to access the AI for Impact web site, and see the list of organisations involved in the Operator Task Force and Advisory Panel.