Moving to Scale

Mobile big data analytics, and decision support tools powered by MBD, have demonstrated their value for evidence-based decision making and mitigating risks in a wide range of use cases across the world. It’s now necessary to build on the foundation of these use cases to create services which remain relevant in the long-term. The challenge now is to encourage the adoption of solutions in a sustainable way across the world. This will drive scale and encourage innovation in the market.

There are two aspects to ‘scaling up’:

  • The solution can be easily replicated – which involves applying a big data solution multiple times, or applying it to multiple use cases
  • The solution can be easily expanded – a big data solution can grow its footprint within a country - and include more regions or cities - and hence impact more of the population

What enables 'scaling up' to happen?

To successfully scale up a mobile big data solution, all of its constituent components need to be addressed. These components are reflected in the structure of this Toolkit: