Covid-19 Resources

Covid-19 Resources

The products and services developed in response to Covid-19 represent an unprecedented deployment of mobile big data analytics for the benefit of society. These projects generated a huge amount of knowledge and experience, which the GSMA has captured for the benefit of mobile operators and governments who wish to develop and adopt impactful products and services to address Covid-19 and other challenges.

Reports and Guidelines

Utilising mobile big data and AI to benefit society gives a global overview of how MBD analytics have been used to respond to Covid-19. It also details the key insights and learnings from the GSMA AI4I Covid-19 response, with case studies on the DRC, Rwanda, Benin and Burkina Faso, and a summary of support provided to local stakeholders in the remaining 10 countries.

The GSMA published the Covid-19 Privacy Guidelines, which promote adherence to international data protection best practices, and reflect recommendations on how the mobile industry can maintain trust while responding to governments and public health agencies requests for assistance.

In May 2020, relatively early on the pandemic, the GSMA released an initial report on the role of AI for Impact in the fight against Covid-19. This report gives an overview of how mobile big data was being used to support decision makers during the pandemic.

Blog and Webinar series

The AI for Impact webinar and blog series covers key topics relating to mobile big data and the response to Covid-19. The series features a variety of expert speakers, showcases existing case studies from across the globe and provide resources for learning and engagement.

To access the webinar and blog for each of the seven topics featured, click on the links below

  • Webinar 7A: 'Recommendations' (in-country spotlights & learnings with Benin & DRC)
  • Webinar 7B: 'Recommendations' (in-country spotlights & learnings with Rwanda)