AI Ethics Introduction

AI can be a force for good that helps to solve critical challenges. However, it may also impact our fundamental human rights. This creates a responsibility for companies that create and use these technologies to act ethically. The mobile industry is committed to connecting everyone to a better future, and is well placed to contribute to this evolving field.” Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA.

Exercise: Take a few minutes to consider where you are in your ethical AI journey, and what you need to do next, using the step-by-step considerations provided below.

  1. Have you established a data governance model?
  2. Have you established AI Ethics principles and guidelines?
  3. What is the executive-level understanding of AI Ethics? Is change being driven from the top?
  4. Are you connected to external expertise and exchanging best practices?
  5. Have you established an executive committee / advisory panel that drives initial understanding, advises, and proposes practices (or policies) for Responsible AI?
  6. Do you have a risk management system in place to address risks involved in deploying an AI solution?
  7. How will you ensure awareness of the importance of ethics in developing and deploying AI across the organisation? Have you created an awareness programme on ethical AI?
  8. Do AI product managers understand AI ethical principles, how these translate to policy, and the implications for product design, development and deployment?
  9. Have you empowered AI product managers to act ethically, and provided training and technical tools?
  10. Have you created new roles to support AI product managers in developing and deploying ethical AI?
  11. Is there a change management process in place if the adoption of ethical principles will represent a departure from business as usual?
  12. Are you studying concrete examples and monitoring existing ethics risks on AI system, as the scale and scope of AI services increase?

“stc is focused on the introduction of innovative AI products and solutions to produce correct, precise and reliable results insights for our customers. We are delighted to collaborate with the GSMA and the other leading operators in developing “International Ethical AI Principles” for use in the telecom industry, and correspondingly embedding into stc’s culture. This demonstrates stc’s practice of complying to Respect of Privacy, Transparency and Openness, and contributing to international standards.

By adhering to that, we believe it will not only enhance our customers experience and trust, but will also contribute to resource optimisation, improving the efficiency of our products development and deployment, and supporting data/model re-usability. This is an exciting milestone in stc’s digital transformation journey, stc will continue to endeavour to always lead the market towards digital transformation and the localisation of AI”
Eng. Haithem AlFaraj, Chief Technology Officer, Saudi Telecommunications Company (stc)